Medical Technology Advancements

In the 21st century, society has seen a number of technological advancements that have provided much benefit. One of these forms of technology that has become a benefit is medical technology. With advances in medical technology, healthcare providers can help people improve their health and overcome a variety of conditions with efficiency. These technological advancements are getting even more innovative and beneficial as the years go by.

Discovering better treatments

Among the most innovative medical advancements in technology is a 3D toner. Similar to a 3D toner to print paper, medical companies have been able to create a machine that helps manufacture body parts such as ears and blood vessels. With this innovative technology, essential body parts can now be produced to eventually help replace and transplant ones that are damaged or ones that no longer function. In 2013 scientists at Cornell University and researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and M.I.T. have been able to create such printouts of organs. A company based in San Diego has also been able to participate in the trend by making a human liver. However, printouts of the liver aren’t yet suitable for transplant but they can be used for valuable medical research.

An example of a 3d printer

Another advancement in medical technology is a gene therapy machine. With this kind of machine, gene therapy can be done in order to help re-engineer a person’s genes so that they can overcome diseases while putting genes back into the body. Although this is still in the experimental phase, it has proven to be a very effective way to treat conditions such as blood cancer and leukemia. With a gene therapy machine, breast cancer has been reversed on animals such as mice. As a result this can eventually lead to eliminating breast cancer from human females. The use of this gene therapy machine, will eventually become a way to treat the early stages of cancer without the need for surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Jason Hope believes that technological innovations such as gene therapy machines and organ and tissue 3D printers have become essential to improving the quality of life and health of many people. By using these innovations, people who are in need of replacement tissues such as blood vessels and ways to eliminate cancer such as leukemia will greatly benefit in the near future, Hope also express. Since there is an ongoing need to help treat and cure diseases, it is essential that new advancements in medical technology keep developing over the next several years. These innovations will definitely improve the healthcare industry and allow people to live better lives as a result.